Je suis un développeur basé à Toulouse, un peu sérieux, un peu décalé.

Mon métier

10 ans d'expérience dans la conception de choses que les gens utilisent et aiment.

Software development Web Mobile IOT
Product UX Design Measure, Analyze, Improve
Architecture Code style & quality Scalability
Integration Hype development


Android Reverse Engineering use case : bypass SSL certificate pinning on Prisma

I've read some article saying SSL certificate pinning is a protection against web API reverse engineering.

But It's not. Your REST API or whatever comes out the APK will always be visible to someone who really want to access to it.

As a demonstration, I wrote a small guide to reverse the Prisma Android app API.

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A Journey to learn android ABI folders

How do Android finds native libraries (.so) and what are the rules to pick the good ABI folder ?
I had to take a look into the process in order to resolve this mystery:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dalvik.system.PathClassLoader[...] couldn't find ""

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Yet another way to deal with Android Permissions

Android M introduced permissions ask at runtime, which I personnally think is a good thing for users. But it also means every developers need to be aware of how to implement it in their app.

Thanksfully Android community react quickly and produced lot of article, code and libraries to help to the transition.

It was time for me to update my application and I wanted to do it in a simple way. I first looked into existing libraries but I found them too complex or not enought interesting to add yet-another gradle line.
So I decided to create my little class helper, doing the job, simple and generic.

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Animate your list of items with physic-based animation

An example of an entrance animation effect on a RecyclerView, with real-world physics (thanks to Facebook Rebound).

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